Nerd Punches Nerd Podcast 11 – Nerdy Music Awards Part 3

Written by Jeremy

Part the third UND final! This time it’s all about video game musics and we declare the GREATEST VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACK OF ALL TIME (excluding FF6 and CT). Will Mario or Sonic prevail? And how can we jam Weird Al into this one? Find out about the truth of these… and MORE!



Countryside 1 by Jake Kaufman from the Double Dragon NEON soundtrack

Kristi Kaufman, Jake Kaufman, The Black Mages, Square Enix, Mindscape Kemco, NES, ICOM Simulations, Inc., Hudson Soft, Nintendo, Namco, Bandai, Now Production,, Andrew Aversa,, Walt Disney Studios, Wayforward, Vincent Diamante, Keith Mlynarski at, Ira Serkes, Lindsay Stirling, HBO, Showtime, Angelique Kidjo, Warner Bros, Lionsgate Television, Tilted Productions,, 20th Century Fox, Mutant Enemy Productions,, Nobuo Uematsu, Capcom,, Microsoft Game Studios, Midway, Acclaim, Sony, NanaOn-Sha, Rare, Sega, Intelligent Systems, Almanic, SNK, Eric Ishii Eckhardt

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