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Nerd Punches Nerd Podcast #5: Comic Book Movies Part 3

Written by Jeremy

COMIC BOOK MOVIES? Which are great and which are not great and in fact are awful?

FIND OUT HERE. With Benjy, Sam, and Jeremy. This time: Benjy and Sam compete to guess box office totals, a look back at Lois & Clark, and our best and worst movies!

  • 00:11.6 Green Lantern
  • 06:25.7 New York Superheroes
  • 09:47.1 Superhero Weaknesses
  • 13:54.2 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (more…)

Nerd Punches Nerd Podcast #2 – Fake Nerds part 2

Written by Jeremy

The epic penultimate part!

Music used: Countryside 1 by Jake Kaufman from the Double Dragon soundtrack (more…)