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Nerd Punches Star Trek: Voyager Podcast (Fixed Audio)

Written by Jeremy

A few years ago on this podcast, we had a little debate about Voyager. Some people expressed some opinions which in retrospect are pretty surprising, maybe even regrettable. We thought you might enjoy a look back before listening to our new episode. So be warned- the “Previously On” of this podcast is old material.

The gang brings on a special guest with his own special guest to discuss all things Star Trek: Voyager. The dizzying highs! The terrifying lows! The creamy middles! Etc.

Nerd Punches Nerd Podcast 10 – DEFEND IT! Part 3 (Star Trek 2009 vs Voyager)

Written by Jeremy

It’s come down to this (THE EPIC FINALE!). NERD VERSUS NERD. ONE ATTACKS. ONE DEFENDS. ONE JUDGES. Is Star Trek Voyager without merit or point? What’s up with The Boondock Saints? And what of Jay Leno?

What of LENO?

Find out about the truth of these… and MORE!